Critical Ops: Why You Should Play This Game Now

Critical Ops Play

Critical Ops is an FPS game that many players overlook due to more popular titles such as Call of Duty Mobile, Cross Fire, and PUBGM. What a lot of people fail to realize is that this game is distant from most Asian-developed FPS games: no sexy characters, no over the top hyper shooting, and no edgy weapon skin designs. If anything, Critical Ops is a serious shooting game, borrowing heavily from games such as CSGO and Call of Duty. It’s a great game and if you love shooters, we highly recommend giving this game a try.

Free-to-Play Friendly

F2P games go either two ways: friendly to F2Players or Pay2Win. Fortunately, Critical Ops leans to the former. The best part about the game is that the only purchasable items in the game are the cosmetics that do not affect weapon stats. Even if you are someone that never pays a dime in the game, Critical Ops only rewards players that have skills rather than money.

All Weapons Unlocked

Tired of going through the same process of needing to through levels of progression just to unlock that AK-47 or a magnum revolver? Guess what: you do not need to go through any of that. All weapons are unlocked. Yes, that means every weapon in your arsenal in whichever game mode you play is usable. The progression system – the battle pass – rather unlocks emotes, skins, and other items that do not affect gameplay. Pretty rad, right?

Critical Ops In Game


Fast Yet Strategic Gameplay

It plays similarly to CSGO and Valorant, except with quicker game modes. While it is made for the handheld, the game has its share of a skill ceiling that is worth going through. It’s amazing how a portable free to play game happens to do as much as any popular mainstream competitive shooter games.

Tons of Rewards

Even without purchasing the battle pass, the game still rewards you for playing. It’s quite generous for the game to give you reasons to earn their prizes without buying.

Gripping Gameplay

Explosive, intense, and pure action. Critical Ops will never have a dull moment whatever game mode you want to play. Controls feel fluid, every weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses and tactics have full effect on every game. If these reasons do not entice you, you should try and play the game yourself–with a full mouse and keyboard on PC. Click the “Play for Free” button to start or download the game here