Critical Ops: Reloaded – Update 1.22 Brings New Content, Improvements, & More

In first-person multiplayer shooting games, Critical Ops: Reloaded is the best game to play. Published by NHN Corp., this game offers various game modes where you can enjoy military warfare. You can choose whether you will be part of the swat team or the terrorists whenever you play. Otherwise, try the Team Deathmatch mode, where the team that has the highest kills would win.

You can also choose to play the Defuse match, where the terrorists would plant a bomb on a specific location. Simultaneously, the swat team tries to prevent them from growing or defusing it once it is planted. It’s a fun and entertaining game that offers a lot of action and that you can play with your friends anytime. As great and fun this game is, it can still get dull over time, which all games eventually face.

To deal with that problem, developers would regularly provide an update to the game. This usually brings new content, improvements, and many more. Critical Ops: Reloaded also does this, and their recent 1.22 update will bring new content, modifications, and new features. Let us look in more detail at the new updates that this game is providing.


Critical Ops New Rank Season


Critical Ops: A New Ranked Season

One of the new contents that the update will bring will be a new Ranked Match Season. Like many competitive multiplayer games, Critical Ops also has ranked matches. These are matches where players will try to climb up the ranking ladder to gain exclusive rewards. Ranked matches are usually more competitive since there’s more at stake. Not only can you increase your rankings as you win, but you can also decrease them whenever you lose.

With this tactic, players are more competitive during ranked matches. It’s all because they don’t want to lose and see their rankings become lower. Critical Ops already concluded its 3rd ranked match season, which means they will now be entering Season 4 of its Ranked Match, which the 1.22 update brings. Aside from new rewards, the latest ranked matches will also see an improvement in matchmaking.

One of the many players’ complaints during the season is the match making  progress. So the developers hope to improve that with this latest update. One of the improvements is that you cannot play a ranked match anymore if your team’s rankings are too far apart. For example, you are classified as Spec Ops, but there’s a Gold-ranked in your party, so you cannot play ranked matches anymore with that party member.

New Critical Pass

The coming of a new ranked season also means that there will be a new Critical Pass available for players to subscribe on. The developers new and better rewards for this latest Critical Pass, so if you’re a frequent subscriber to it, you likely wouldn’t want to miss this latest one.

Improved Graphics

Another thing that the update brought will be improved graphics on Critical Ops: Reloaded. The improvement will be on the weapon skins, providing more details to make it as realistic as possible. It’s a significant improvement since you will now appreciate more the weapon skins you are equipping on your primary and secondary weapons.


New Gameplay Critical Ops


New Game Mode in Critical Ops

Another new thing that the update will be providing is a new game mode, the Skull hunter Duo. This option will now allow you to play the Skull hunter way with a friend, which many players were requesting. So you no longer have to play Skull hunter on your own.

New Defuse Map

Another widely-required new feature from the players is a new diffuse map, which the update 1.22 provided. The new map called Soar, offers players with various strategic and tactical locations to set up their plans and strategies when playing the Diffuse game mode.


Critical Ops Better Skin Weapon


Critical Ops New Weapon Skins

Of course, an update is not complete without new weapon skins. With that, the new skins is all about a holiday-themed! In this phase, players can make your weapons fit for the holiday by equipping them with Christmas or New Year skins. You can even make your grenade look like a present, gifting your enemies with an explosion to help them celebrate New Year.

Improvements when Opening Cases

The developers also wanted to improve players’ experience when it comes to opening cases. They want to make it easier for you to open an issue, so they are now allowing players to open multiple instances at once, so you don’t have to go through them one-by-one. You can also interact with these multiple cases, enabling you to perform actions efficiently. If you haven’t tried playing the game, then start looking through this how to play guide for more information.