Critical Ops: Multiplayer – A Rundown on the February 2021 Update

First-person shooter games are fun, exciting, and filled with action. Critical Ops: Multiplayer, a game developed by Critical Force Ltd., offers the same level of challenge and excitement as other first-person shooter games. Moreover, the new patch update 1.23.0 has a lot of surprises and features added to the game. So, get your shooting skills ready for the action of a lifetime at Critical Ops: Multiplayer.

The New Kill Medals

If you are creative when it comes to killing your opponents, you will be receiving kill medals. These are awarded to players for every kill score. You or any other player will receive a medal for each kill after meeting some other conditions. Basically, kill medals prove just how great you are on the battlefield. These are the four new kill medals in Critical Ops:

1. Kill Medal – Given to players for every kill.
2. Knife Kill Medal – Awarded to players who successfully kill another player with a knife.
3. Backstab Medal – Awarded to players who can kill an enemy from behind with a knife.
4. Wall Bang Medal – Given to a player who can kill opponents by shooting at them through a penetrable surface (like a wall).

Recognizing your efforts on how you take down opponents is one way for Critical Ops developers to acknowledge your skills on the battlefield. Killing a sniper using a knife by sneaking up on them or being able to shoot at your enemy through a glass division is a talent not every FPS player has.


Critical Ops Weekly Challenge

Image Source: JxsoniOS


Season 4 Ranked Rewards

Each rank now contains a reward for you to unlock. How to get these rewards? It’s pretty simple. You have to reach the required Rank, achieve the required victories, and get the rewards. You have to remember that you can only get the rewards if you complete all the requirements needed to obtain them. Furthermore, you can only open the next tier once you collect the reward.

The ability of the player to kill and score relies on tactical skills and reflexes. Every move you do will tell which rank you belong to. Dedication is needed to achieve wins and get rewards. Once you do, know that you deserve these rewards because you worked hard to get them. Moving through ranks can be daunting, but the rewards make it worth it.

Free For All Gun Game Mode

Gun Game is back, but with a twist. This new game mode now allows a maximum of 15 players in an all-out 25 level battle. Master all the guns and end the game with a knife to ensure your victory! This game mode now features all weapons in a free-for-all format. Everyone is your enemy in Gun Game mode. You can also play this mode on a bigger Difuse map because of the increase in the number of players. Good luck!

New & Improved Character Movements

Critical Ops’ 1.23.0 update also rolled out some quality of life improvements and bug fixes into the game. A major issue that was fixed is the walking through walls glitch, which some players abuse by disconnecting/reconnecting to allow their characters to walk through walls.


Critical Ops gameplay


In reality, no character has been walking through walls, though it may look like it because the server did not reset the character position when somebody disconnected and reconnected from the game. Other fixes and improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Skins
  • Maps
  • Gameplay Bugs
  • Menu UI
  • Localization

Sharpen your tactical and shooting skills and enjoy the new additions of Critical Ops: Multiplayer now! Download the latest version of the game today to experience all the new features from the 1.23.0 update.