Critical Ops: Find Out The Best Weapons in the Game

Critical Ops Weapons

If you’re new to Critical Ops PC, or even any tactical shooter game, you probably aren’t familiar with the different kinds of weapons to use. But worry not, because, in this article, we’ll identify some of the best weapons to use in the game.



Did you know that the default Critical Ops handgun is more effective than you think? Well, the trick here is to shoot in short bursts instead of going gung-ho. Just crouch and nit-pick your enemy. It has good precision at short to medium range and 3 successive shots usually result in a kill.

GSR 1911

Not only is it powerful in close range, but it doesn’t show you up on the radar. It does lack range compared to other weapons, but 1911 is great for close encounters especially if the enemy is unaware of your presence. Plus, it’s great for flanking.


M1887 & FP6

This weapon definitely gives off pump-action goodness. If it was good in other FPS games, then it’s also good in Critical Ops. Seriously, this beast can one-shot anybody up-close. Now the FP6 is an addition just because there are only 3 shotguns in the game and it works fairly well if you know when and where to shoot.

Super 90

Super 90 is great for indoor fights, especially when you play in close-quarter deathmatch maps.



A lot of people would say the MP5 sucks in Critical Ops, but if you only know how to use this weapon, then surely you’ll love this weapon. The only trick is to just shoot in short bursts.


Critical Ops MP7



The MP7 is, by far, the best SMG in the category. It has the right amount of recoil and rate of fire and it deals so much damage within just 5 bullets up-close.

Assault Rifles


Come on, who doesn’t love a good M4A1? It has the right recoil, a balanced rate of fire, and good damage at medium range. Shoot in full-auto for full effect.


This absolute beast dominates in any game and it fairs the same in Critical Ops. Great for both close range to long-range battles as long as the bullets hit.


A lot of players don’t like burst-fire weapons. But if you’re going to play in close-quarter maps in deathmatch, one trigger of this is equal to one kill.

Sniper Rifles


It’s the “Arctic” of Critical Ops. One shot of this in any body part is equal to one clean kill.


As compared to the M14 Rifle, the SVD has a well-balanced ratio of power over the rate of fire in any match. Now that you already know some of the best weapons in the game, you’re now equipped and ready to play the game.

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