Critical Ops: How to Download & Play on PC

Are you up for some action-packed tactical shooter game? Above all, do you want to know how you can play it on your PC? Read on for some basic guidelines on how you can play the game and how to play it on PC.


Installing the Game

You will need to download the game first through this website. To do so, click on the “Play for Free” button. Then, wait for the installer to finish. Click on the installer and follow the set-up. It should be finished in a few minutes. Once done, it will automatically install the Critical Ops game. And by default, the game will autoplay.


Setting Up the Controls

Along with the game are preset controls. If you are not happy with the default controls, you may choose to edit and create your own control scheme. To start, press the F1 key. You should find a Pen icon at the bottom left. Click on it and it will go into Edit Mode. Click the + button on the right to begin adding or removing keys. Drag the button icon to the desired area on your screen.


Basic Gaming Guide You Should Know

The following guide is the basics of playing the game:


Defuse: Attacking and Defending 101

Defuse is a very simple concept in Critical Ops. The Breach plays as the “Terrorists” while The Coalition is the “Counter-Terrorists”. The Breach will attack the defending Coalition in order to plant the bomb on either A side or B side of the map. Once The Breach plants a bomb, The Coalition will need to find and defuse it before time runs out. Even if all of The Breach’s members are dead, The Coalition still has to find that bomb and cut it.

Additionally, this is a game with the best of 15 rounds and is considered the most played game mode in Critical Ops.




Attackers: The Breach

When you start the round as The Breach, one of you will be holding the bomb. This is randomly picked by the game, but anybody may choose to drop the bomb so another player will do it instead. Now, our objective is simple: deliver the bomb to either A side or B side, plant it, and don’t let The Coalition defuse it. Here are some key tips to help you during the match.


Always Stay with the Bomber

Not only do you need to bring the bomb to any of the two sides, but you will also need to protect whoever has the bomb. Always do this so that, in case he dies, you or another mate nearby will carry on the objective. If the bomber is planting, always be on the lookout for incoming enemies. However, if you are the bomber, you need to stick with the other teammates until you get near A or B side.


Never Go to One Side Every Round

We all are familiar with the saying “if it works, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, this does not apply in Critical Ops Defuse. If you did manage to activate the bomb on A side, you shouldn’t go there every time. Likewise, if you always fail to plant the bomb at A, never continuously go to A for the rest of the game. You need to spin it up so the enemy can never predict where you are going.




Defenders: The Coalition

When you start as The Coalition, you will need to defend either A or B side. Choosing to defend either of the two sides depends entirely up to you though. The key here is to eliminate The Breach as much as you can so they don’t have a chance to plant the bomb at all.


Camping is Your Friend

If you must defend, stay in that position. The best method is to have 2 members at A, 2 members at B, and 1 member roaming the map to find enemy locations.


Running with A Knife Doesn’t Make You Faster

This only applies to other games, but not to Critical Ops. Instead, your running speed is all the same whether you carry a two-handed weapon, a handgun, or a knife.


When Defusing, Always Listen to Footsteps

Bombers usually have a logic where they will bait you into defusing the bomb prematurely. However, you can trick them too as long as you hear their footsteps. They should be loud enough for you to know where they are although the smartest players will crouch to sneak around you.

Think you’re up and ready to play the game? Then, download the game now!